Monday, June 18, 2012

Health Scare

The last couple of weeks I haven't been feeling very good. I've been getting really light headed when I bend down and stand up or stand up from sitting. I just figured it was my blood pressure medication so I lowered the dose. That didn't work. I was still getting dizzy. On Thursday I was picking up some of the kids toys and when I stood back up, I got so light headed that I almost passed out. I took my blood pressure and it was extremely low. I called my doctor and he told me to go into the insta care. The doctor ordered a blood test to be done. When it came back it showed that my createin levels were very high. Normal is .7-1 and mine were 4.3. He scheduled me an appointment with a nephrologist  the next day. This doctor typically doesn't work in his office on Fridays but came in to see me. After looking at my charts, he feels that it is an accute condition caused by my blood pressure meds combined with ibuprofen and antibiotics. I had a root canal a couple of weeks ago that keeps getting infected. All things combined was causing my blood pressure to drop to low. Also with loosing weight, my blood pressure was coming down naturally. Apparently the blood flow wasn't getting to my kidneys very well and they were starting to shut down. If I had been at a 5, the doctor would have put me in the hospital and started dialysis. I've been taken off all of my medication for now and have to go back every week for the next month and get a blood test done. Then after the month, I'll go back to the nephrologist and we'll see where we are. I'll keep you updated.


Kristanne Willden said...

Would you stop trying to outdo me!!!! JK

Alicyn said...

This is one thing I would never want to outdo you on:) The thought that I might not be around as long as I need to for my kids has really scared me. I've decided that I need to go see a lawyer to get it legal that if something ever does happen to me, the kids go to Lill. I don't think Chad could raise these kids by themselves.