Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lost faith in the judicial system

Chad had court on Friday. We went to the Matheson Court House. He plead not guilty and has his next court appearance on May 10th. The rules of Pre Trial Services include that he remove himself from the home and have no contact the the alleged victim (Jared). The judge upheld that rule and signed a no contact order so Chad had to move to his moms until this is over. I wonder if they really think about what they are doing when they make these decisions. Chad has been in the home for the last three months so to make him leave now is just ridiculous. The kids are upset by this. They really miss their dad. Jared has even started saying he misses his "daddy". For those who know Jared, he calls him "Chad" so for him to call him daddy is a big thing for me. I'll keep every one updated when we find out more. Thanks for all your support.