Sunday, November 7, 2010

Finally a new post

It's been a while since I posted. We have kept very busy with family reunions, school starting, family party's and Halloween. There are a lot of missing pictures since they are on my other camera. Jared started 1st grade. He is going to Farr West Elementary and is in an alternative first grade class. There are only 12 students in his class. He really struggled at the first of the year but once the doctor changed his medication, he has done great. He has been the best kid. He really helps me around the house. He loves to vacuum. He also likes to do yard work so I have put him to work raking the leaves outside. Anthony started Kindergarten. He is absolutely loving it. In talking to his teacher, he is a joy to have in her class although he is very "chatty". This doesn't surprise me. He already has a best friend. He is also a lady's man. Except for Braxton, all of his other friends are girls. Kaleigh started preschool at headstart. She loves it. We had parent teacher conference for her last week and the teachers love her. She told me that Kaleigh wants to be friends with everyone. I get about 2 hours to myself every afternoon except for Wednesday. During this time I usually get my shopping done or my house cleaned. Work is going good. I did have an incident the other day. I had used a food processor and put the blade in the sink. When I went to wash some dishes I hit that blade and ended up getting a couple of stitches in my hand. The kids had a great Halloween. On Saturday we went to LillieAnn's for pizza. Kristanne's family came out and the kids all went trick or treating. After we got home Jared and Kaleigh still wanted to go around our neighborhood. Anthony wanted to stay home and when I got back home I found out why. He had already eaten half of his candy. He knew if he was home with his dad, he could get away with it. We are now getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The kids are finally at an age where they are very excited for Christmas. It should be fun this year.

This picture was taken at the family reunion.

We had a wienie roast at out house and Aunt Marge and Uncle Don came. Kaleigh just loves Aunt Marge.

We went up to Charlene's house on General Conference Sunday. Meagan and her family had come for a couple of weeks. Brett took the boys for a ride on his 4 wheeler. They had a blast.

This is Brock's little boy, my great nephew, Olin. Isn't he just so stinking cute? :)

This was taken a couple of days before Halloween. We had a party at the church that the Young Women/Men put on for the primary children. Kaleigh was a fairy this year. She is such a girl.

These are the kids pumpkins. This is the one Kaleigh chose.

This was Jared's. It wasn't really hard, just time consuming. Jared actually cleaned out his own pumpkin this year.

This is the one Anthony picked.

This is Darin. He loves Halloween. He has so much fun dressing up and scaring the kids that come trick or treating. He has a fog machine that he sets outside and then just sits there waiting.

Ethan the zombie.

Kris loves to dress up with the kids.

Jace was Mario from Super Mario Brothers.

Kurtis dressed up as Napoleon Dynamite. He even had the way he talked down.

Cade was Edward Scizzorhands.

Makae was an evil fairy and Kaleigh was a good fairy.

ARRRRRRGGG!!!! It took Lill forever to find a modest pirate costume for Courtney.

Jared actually took this picture. He loves taking pictures and is really good at it.

On Halloween day, we went up to Granny and Gramps so the kids could show off their costumes. Granny always has a treat for them.

Anthony dressed up as Buzz Lightyear and Jared was a fireman. He keeps telling me that's what he wants to be when he grows up.