Saturday, June 12, 2010

With everything that has been going on the last few months, I haven't posted any pics so I thought I needed to. This first pic I took from my back porch. I thought it turned out pretty good.

The boys had their last soccer game in the middle of May. This was Jared's team. I think the coach sometimes forgot that these children were only 5.

Jared graduated from kindergarten and Anthony graduated from Head Start. For some reason the pics of Jared wouldn't upload.

Kaleigh learned how to ride her trike. She loves it.

Brock came down with Char and brought Olin to see us. They certainly look alike.

Kaleigh really likes Olin as long as I'm not holding him.

I took the kids up to mom and dad's to see the baby pigs. Gramps let the boys help him feed them.

I've been doing a little painting in my house. This is one of my walls that I've got finished.

We went up to my parents for Memorial day for a wienie roast and Daranee let the kids ride the horse with her.

Before we left for my parents the boys had already put their bikes in the back of the van. They also put Kaleigh's trike in too. Courtney had fun riding it with her.

This was taken at the Hawes family reunion. That's Chad's mom's family. Kaleigh had put two pieces of bubble gum in her mouth and could hardly chew it. Notice how bulgy her cheeks are.