Saturday, August 29, 2009

School and Soccer

Jared started school on Monday. As excited as I was for him to start it was kind of a bittersweet day. He was so excited to go He wouldn't let me take him to school. He wanted to ride the bus so I just met him up at the school so I could walk him to class on his first day.

He was so excited to ride the bus.

There are only 8 kids in his kindergarted class. We got him into Canyon View. Hopefuly this will get him prepared to be able to go to regular first grade next year. He is gone all day. The bus picks him up at 7:55 and he doesn't get home unitl 4:00. He's done really good with it so far.

Jared had his first soccer game today. He did pretty good. He has a really good coach but one that is REALLY into soccer. Sometimes I think he forgets these kids are only 5. They have two practices a week that last about and hour and a half. He really likes it though. I hoping this will teach him teamwork.

At Jared'd game we ran into Anthony's biological sister's family. They are the nicest people and she really fits into their family. You can tell how much they love her. This is a pic of Katie and Anthony.

Anthony started soccer too. This was his first practice. He really likes playing. He will start pre school on Tuesday. He is also excited to start.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

More summer fun

Here are some more pictures of things we've been doing this summer.

This was Anthony at Lagoon.

This was the boys at Mom and Dad's. I'm not sure if it's the 4th or the 24th.

This was a picture of the sun that I took. It was a really windy day and there were fires in Tooele.

This was at the Crittenden family reunion.

This was taken at the Weber County fair. They had a petting zoo and the kids got to pet some of the animals.

Jared and Anthony with Kurtis.

These were taken at the Harrisville Days parade. Our ward did a float and the primary children rode on the float. Here is Jared and Anthony.

This is Jared and Anthony with Kelsi. She is our neighbor and Jared thinks she is cute.