Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Holiday's

We had alot of fun over the holiday season. We made Christmas cookies (18 dozen) and were able to give most of them away to neighbors and friends. The kids had so much fun decorating the house and loved having the Christmas light on.

These were taken at the family Christmas party. The reason we don't have one for Kaleigh is that she wouldn't sit on his lap.

Frosting cookies.

Christmas Eve. They were opening their pj's and then put them on.

Jared got a new dump truck and a camera.

Anthony got a scooter and a monster truck.

Kaleigh got a doll house from Santa and was so excited.

Kaleigh got pony's from Anthony and he got a transformer "Bumble Bee" from her.

This was before we got cleaned up.

The day after Christmas we went up to Charlene's to go sleigh riding. There wasn't enought snow the actually sled but we had fun anyway. Brock and Morgan were there with their new baby Olin. Kaleigh really likes him as long as I'm not holding him:)

Cole with Olin.

On the 29th we went down to Temple Square with Lill's family to meet Courtney's boyfriend Austin.

This is Darin and Kurtis with Kurtis' friend Matt.

I love all the lights.

This is a picture of the Christus Statue from outside.

This was the last picture taken before all the chaos started. For those who don't know, when we got back to the train we had missed the 9:27 train by just a few minutes. There was a train there but it didn't leave until 10:27. Jared started running up and down the isles, jumping off of benches and pushing the buttons on the doors to open and close them. Chad sat Jared down several times and then Jared kicked Kayden a couple of times. Lill suggested that we take him off the train to run around outside and apparently Chad got mad and thumped Jared in the head. None of us saw this but I guess a lady on the train didn't like it and called the cops. Chad was taken off the train and questioned. They pulled me and the kids off the train so it could leave. They continued questioning us and finally released us so we could make the last train home. Needless to say, we now have DCFS investigating us. They came the next night and pulled Kayden from our home. This whole this has been a nightmare.