Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pictures of the Kids

We went and got the kid's pictures taken yesterday.  It was exhausting.  Kaleigh and Jared kept running out of the studio while I was trying to view pictures.  I am sure the photographer was glad to see us go!  They are sure cute kids, it would be nice if their actions would catch up!!!  Here are their pictures.


Friday, April 3, 2009

Kaleigh Singing

Kaleigh loves to sing.  Her favorite song is Twinkle Twinkle.  I finally got a video of her singing.  

I also finally got my hair colored and cut. I hadn't had it done for almost a year.  Here's a picture of the finished product.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kicked off the Island

The last time I wrote, my ward was being split. Not only did they put me in the new ward, I was put in a whole new church house. All of my friends were left in my old ward. I was really upset. The up side is that all of my friends are also foster parents and so we will still keep in touch. The down side is I won't see anybody I know from the other wards at all.

So my sweet Anthony has been getting in trouble at school. I know, shocker. He was the best two year old and pretty good three year old. He's hit four and something has happened. If he doesn't get his way or doesn't want to do something, he throws himself on the floor and cries and screams. The teacher at school stopped me when I took him to school the other day and asked me if anything had changed at home. It almost made me feel like she was accusing me of something. What's funny is that I worked in childcare for several years and when we had problems with children we would talk to the parents and ask the same thing. Now I'm on the other side I understand why the parents would get a little upset with that question.

Jared is doing great in school. I went to parent teacher conference a couple of weeks ago. They told me he is going so good and listens. I almost wondered if we were discussing the same child. I guess if he has to be naughty, I'd rather it be here at home instead of school.

Kaleigh is getting to big for her britches. She is just barely two and is talking in full sentences. We put her into a "big girl bed". She loves it.

My job as a peer parent is going good. I am the peer parent for Kayden's mom. He was our foster child for about 5 months. He is going home on Friday. They will be doing an in home trial placement. I'm really excited forher. Out of the seven children we've had in our home, we've only seen one go home. It will be nice to have another sucess story.