Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jared is going to be the death of me.

So last Wednesday I sent Jared to his room because he was hitting and yelling at me. It was about 4:30 in the afternoon. At 5:oo I went down to check on him and talk to him about why I had put him in his room. He wasn't there. I looked in the house, went around to the neighbors, looked back in the house, yelled for him and finally had my neighbors help me look for him. After 45 minutes of not being able to find him, I called the police. Chad had left earlier to go to a baseball game so I thought that maybe he hadn't closed the door tight and Jared had gotten out. When the police showed up he suggested that we check the house one more time before spreading out into the neighborhood. He said that 90% of the time they end up finding the child in the home hiding somewhere. All of my neighbors came in my house and started looking for him and yelling for him. We ended up finding him downstairs in the storage room. He had climbed into a box and covered himself up with a coat and fallen asleep. I had been in that room 3 times but I guess he was out cold and didn't hear me yell for him.

One of my greatest fears in this life is loosing one of my children. You read stories all of the time about missing children and to actually have it happen (even if it was only for and hour) is the worst feeling. I'm just glad we found him safe and sound.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Turning 40

Well, I'm now 40. It's hard to believe. I had a really good day. I spent the day with the kids until the boys went to school and then put Kaleigh down for her nap and relaxed until she woke up and the boys came home. When Chad came home from picking Anthony up, they brought me flowers. I was really suprised with them. Chad has only bought me flowers 2 times since we've been married. He also got me a cake and he and the kids gave me a $30 gift card to Fashion Bug. That evening we went dinner at Golden Coral (not my first choice, but it is kid friendly) and then we went to Shopko and bought a couple of kites and went to the park and flew kites and played. The kids (including Chad) had so much fun. It was a really good day. I just wish Chad would be that way with the kids everyday.