Monday, November 2, 2009


Last week was a fun filled week getting ready for Halloween. On Monday night we frosted cookies for FHE. I think the kids ate more frosting than actually went on the cookies.

On Thursday night we carved pumpkins. The kids chose their own faces to go on the pumpkin. Kaleigh chose Mickey Mouse, Jared chose a bat in the moon and Anthony chose a happy face. The Mickey Mouse was really hard. It had a lot of little fine lines to cut out.

This is Jared with his teacher, Mrs. Wood.

Chad's dad is in a nursing home now and they had trick or treating there. We took the kids over to trick or treat and then visited with Earl for a little while.

On Saturday we went to Granny and Gramps. Kris made her spaghetti and even made the noodles orange. The kids all put on their costumes. It is always fun to see the kids dress up.

Granny, Kurtis the hippie and Princess Kaleigh.

Princess Kaleigh and Lady Liberty Courtney.

Meagan is here for a few weeks. Rhone looked so cute in his Zebra costume.

Kris even got into the festivities. She dressed up as Tracy Turnblad from the movie Hairspray.

All the kids dressed up.

Kaleigh and Rhone. She likes him as long as I'm not holding him.

Anthony wanted to be a T-Rex. I look everywhere for one and couldn't find one. I finally found this one and convinced him that it was a T-Rex.

Anthony and Kaleigh.

Princess Kaleigh. She told me what she wanted to be this year. She is just getting to big for her britches.

Jared had wanted to be a black bear but I couldn't find a costume. We had this one down stairs and he decided that he would wear it.

This was the kids waiting to go trick or treating.