Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Jared is having so many struggles in school. The doctor keeps changing his meds and I hate the one he is on now. I causes him to have severe aggression and he is destructive when this happens. Yesterday he beat up the mail box because Chad wouldn't take him to get a treat after picking Kaleigh up from school. Today he attacked another student at school because the kid wanted to play with him and Jared didn't want him to. If things don't go his way at school he dumps his desk and throws his chair. I've tried to call his doctor all day and she won't call me back. I honestly think he is bi polar but the doctor won't diagnose him because he's only 7. We had to take him off the concerta because it was causing really bad facial ticks. He did so well for the first couple weeks of school and then he started having night terrors. They started right after they changed his meds. The doctor keeps telling me that this med shouldn't do that but I really think it is. Anthony is now doing well in school. We did end up having to put him on ADHD medication. We chose the one that only last's 8 hours so it will last while he's in school. He is still very "chatty" though. He is loving first grade. Kaleigh is back in Head Start this year. She loves going to pre school. As for me, I've been working really hard on loosing the weight I gained back. I have lost almost 50 lbs since the first of the year. I feel a lot better both physically and emotionally. I feel better about myself. I'm still working at the daycare but would like to get on with the school district if possible.


Kristanne said...

So take him off the meds yourself if the doctor won't. You know better how it effects him on the day to day than they do. Doctor's don't definitely know everything! Sorry he is still having problems

Alicyn said...

I want him back on Concerta.